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Paintball Raiders are the most established site in Gloucestershire with a reputation for quality and professionalism. Varied and interesting game formats, superb organisation and impeccable safety record, are all factors that have helped push Paintball Raiders to the forefront of UK sites.




Paintball Raiders Gloucester Paintballing Main Logo

Are you up for some adrenaline fuelled fun?


Armed with co2 powered marker guns you will need a strategy, stealth and split-second timing to eliminate players of the opposing team. During the day, you will play a selection of games ranging from simple capture the flag games, adrenaline fuelled combat village games and the thrilling multi objective games. All games played are designed to be exciting, challenging and enjoyable.


On site, we have all the paintballing equipment that you will need for the day. This will include paintball guns, paintballs (sold separately), protective clothing and face protection. The paint pellets we use are gelatine capsules filled with bright coloured dye to identify when you have been hit. They are non-toxic, fully biodegradable and will simply wash out with water.


To book your paintball experience, get in touch with us at your earliest convenience to avoid any disappointment. Our phones are manned 7 days a week, from 8am – 10pm to take all bookings and answer any queries you may have. Alternatively complete our online booking form and one of the Paintball Raiders team will get back to you as soon as possible, usually within 24 hours.


The staff and marshals at paintball raiders are committed to making sure that you will have a day that you will remember for a very long time.


Anyone over the age of 12 (or in year 7 at secondary school) who has a sense of adventure is welcome at Paintball Raiders. You will need to be basically fit and wish to spend a day participating in what will certainly be the most stimulating game your ever likely to play.


Rules at Paintball Raiders are minimal, however there are regulations to ensure your safety and a set of simple rules designed to enhance your enjoyment of the game. All players will receive a thorough safety brief at the start of the day with a demonstration of equipment and pyrotechnic functionality.


Paintball Raiders is always the go to place when me and my mates fancy paintballing. The guys couldn’t do more in making you feel welcome and putting on a great day. Have been to many other chain sites around England, but with Paintball Raiders being an independent, family run site, you cannot fault the guys passion and commitment!
John Martin


Brought my son up for his 14th birthday with 6 of his friends. All thoroughly enjoyed it and from the sounds of it had many stories and laughter to share with each other. Would definitely bring them back.
Paula Cox


Upon arriving nerves from some players were evident at the start of the day. The guys sit you down through a thorough safety talk and answer any questions any players have. They then take you onto the course and explain game rules. Once the whistle goes, all nerves are forgotten about and the adrenaline takes over! Fantastic day at this site, and to top it off my team won!!
Adam Morgan



We are able to cater for and deliver an amazing paintball experience for a wonderful range of celebrations, parties and occasions. We are especially great at catering for stag/hen parties, birthday parties, corporate events, school trips and sports clubs.

How many paintballs will I use in a day?
Possibly the most frequently asked question, the answer is it’s up to you. You are in control of the trigger. Generally, you should budget on using a minimum of 400 paintballs for the day.

Can you bring your own food and drink?
Yes, if you like, lunch is not available onsite however, canned drinks, bottled water and confectionary are available to purchase.

What is the minimum/maximum numbers of players?
At weekends the minimum number of players to be able to operate is 16, with 60 being the maximum.  The minimum number for a midweek game is 14. These numbers can be made up of individuals, small groups or large parties.

Do you cancel in bad weather?
In nearly 30 years of running we have never cancelled a game due to bad weather. It’s as simple as, if it’s raining you’ll get wet!

How many games do we play?
During the day, you will play 4 games of approximately 25/30-minute durations with small breaks for refreshment.

What clothing is provided/what do I need to bring?
We provide each player with a 1 piece camouflage overall, head over and anti fog goggles. We recommend old clothes, sturdy/football boots in wet weather and gloves in the winter.

What time do we need to be there?
You should arrive on site at 9am and proceed to sign in at the site cabin. The day will generally finish around 2/2.30pm. Start and finish times can be varied if you have a sole private booking.

Site access.
The short road leading to the Paintball Raiders car park is a shared farm access road. During wet weather the road can form puddles and become slightly muddy so please expect this when arriving.

Contact Info

T: 07855 946 850

Range Farm, Upton Ln, Brookthorpe, Gloucester GL4 0UT

Now under new ownership - Paintball Raiders are the most established site in Gloucestershire with a reputation for quality and professionalism. We look forward to welcoming you and your team soon!


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